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XIV Cultural Tourism Meeting - Viaggiandum Est

Viaggiandum Est is a Cultural Tourism Meeting sponsored by  Veneto Region, this year at the Fourteenth Edition, where tour operators from all over the world meet in order to know and “buy” the italian tourism in general and that one of Veneto specifically.  It is really a unique event for our national tourism because are involved participants from all the italian regions and from the Euoropean states seeking Italian destinations.

The italian land is an area to explore, because it is rich in scenic and unique environments in the world. A cultural and natural heritage that is visited daily by millions of tourists.

A full day of one-to-one appointments will allow all the operators  to directly compare on the proposed travel, holiday packages, tours and destinations.

For this year the tourism meeting will be on SATURDAy, OCTOBER 26th 2013 at The Biennial of Flavor in Venice (Terminal Passeggeri).

Iscrizione Ville & Dimore Storiche
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