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Also this year Venetian villas open their doors to people with more than 50 events, meetings, workshops and exceptional soirees between Veneto and Friuli: here comes the VENETIAN VILLAS FESTIVAL 2015, the manifestation that collects cultural, wine and food excellences of the territory.

A very rich dates schedule, organized by the Regional Institute for Venetian Villas in collaboration with Regione Veneto e Regione Friuli, with the sponsorship of the Presidency of Ministers’ Council and of the Venetian Villas Association.

Many of these appointments are part of EXPO 2015 official agenda as significant representation of Italian culture, also in the food field.

The jewel of the crown of this cultural exhibition is Author’s sips, which proposes many cultural dates and tastes in order to celebrate the historic and landscape heritage, starting from the 20th June to the 12th July.


 The words of the president of Regione Veneto Luca Zaia perfectly accord to the spirit of this project: “Venetian Villas express the history of our territory and compose its most authentic statement: in this net of value we find again the trace of Serenissima Republic, that alimented a straordinary economic and social civilization, in which we can recognize ourselves today.

[…] The numerous events linked each other, allow not just to re-open villas to make them more accessible to a public bigger and bigger, but also to recognize this scattered system of cultural goods as a necessary economic and touristic resource and as an excellence to protect”.

Special guests for this edition: Enrico Mentana, Corrado Formigli, Giuseppe Cruciani and Carlo Petrini, “guru” of the slow-food movement.

Browse the full  programme of the Festival!



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