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The Venetian Villas Regional Institute supports the territory hit by the tornado

Villa Fini has been destroyed. In the same way Villa Ducale, Villa Caggiano, colannades and adjacent lots, between Dolo and Sambruson, have been reached by the vortex of the terrible tornado which hit the Brenta Shore yesterday. The damages are enormous – not quantifiable sometimes – because the art and culture heritage has been definitively compromised.

According to the President of Veneto District Luca Zaia, the VVRI allocates some resources in order to re-finance  an apposite announcement of selection – operational since some years – aimed to support villas damaged by natural calamities, giving all the possible help also for what concerns the damages quantification an securing operations.

“The first thought is for the victims, for injured people and for all the citizens that suffered the tornado strength – declares the President Giuliana Fontanella – I already had personally  the occasion to appreciate the diligence and the solidarity of many Venetians, that gave their support and their concrete  help to the reconstruction”.

The Venetian Villas regional Institute in close to villas owners like never before, to provide all useful supports it can and to bear all the possible reclamations.


Mira, 9th July 2015


link: Administrative Committee resolution no. 3, 17th February 2014



Villa Fini before the tornado pass