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The European CULTEMA Project goes on

In 2012 the Veneto Region activated a working collaboration with the Institute for Venetian Villas for implementing a specific activity of European CULTEMA project “Cultural value for sustainable territorial governance and marketing”, financed within the U.E. Program of Transnational Cooperation SEE South-Europe Europe 2007-2013.

The Institute for Venetian Villas, of which is now President Giuliana Fontanella, during its 55 years of activity, has promoted more than 1.900 interventions and public funding for about €290 million and has cataloged a “system of values” made of about 4.300 buildings among them 400 of public owners. A cultural uniform heritage of “riches”, an identity economic resource, typical of the Venetian and Friulian territorial “system”. Most of these villas require significant activities of starting value, enhancement and preservation.

The CULTEMA project concretely verified, through open discussions and collection of information, possible lines of action for incentivize the private investments on cultural heritage. It was elaborated a list of 67 villas owned by local governments and promoted specific relational focus with the participation of scholars and technicians.   The results of this project have suggested R.I.V.V. to activate a series of initiatives aimed at overcoming the logic of mere "cataloging" - understood as an analytical tool own by the protection  - promoting the activation of a dynamic  "Observatory" concerning public Venetian Villas that can become a proactive tool of study and planning of excellence initiatives.