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“An immense ocean that contains everything, composed by waves which are always different one from another and constantly weave themselves together”


That’s the figure of music that inspire the 13 municipalities of the Integrate Culture Project of Mid-Friuli realizing the music festival MUSIC IN VILLA 2015.


Fifteen concerts for the fifteenth edition, distinguished – as always - by the extremely high quality of the musical proposals and by the research of a continuative dialogue between musical genres. This edition, just as music does, makes itself a metaphor of life and a new opportunity for the listener: like as the common labels associated to music genres are surpassed, also preconceptions are, arriving to new ways to listen to music and to view the reality that surrounds us.


In the lifespan of two months, music meets magic places full of history. The exclusive appointments thought just for this event, in fact, are retailed on the suggestive villas and private owned historic abodes of Mid-Friuli and will don’t forget to remember historic moments as the First World War, but also masters as Dante or Scriabin.


Beside these music representations, some collateral moments will take place, that are reading animation for kids Children in villa, discovering activities of villas, and many opening acts.


Culture and beauty, always in the center of the long-standing work of the Integrate Culture Project, are fully promoted with a special attention for philanthropy too. The fifteen concerts will host a gathering of founds in favor of FRIULI MANDI NEPAL NAMASTE’ onlus Association, that with its activity will help the Nepal population affected by the last terrible heart quake.  


MUSIC IN VILLA 2015 is realized with the help of Udine Province, of the Regional Institute for Venetian Villas, of Cooperative Credit Bank of Basiliano and with the collaboration of Cultural Association Colonos of Villacaccia di Lestizza, of Musical and Cultural Association “Armonie”, of Friuli Venezia Giulia Chorus and the volunteer readers of Civic Libraries of Lestizza, Mereto di Tomba and Rivignano Teor, of Civic Museum of Historic Coaches of Codroipo, of Music School Codroipo City. Also with the help of International Comic school of Padova for “Trench: awake of Spring”; also with the collaboration of Hausbrandt Trieste 1892 S.p.A for “Misa de Indios”.



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