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Festival Ville Venete, Thursday, September 19 stop at the Palace of Mel

Domani giovedì 19 settembre 2013 la sesta edizione del Festival delle Ville Venete farà tappa al Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità a Mel, nel Bellunese.
Here at 17, after the greetings of the mayor of Nazareth and Stephen Cesa Leonardi, councilor of the Regional Institute Venetian Villas, which promotes the event, we will talk about "The promotion of the culture of accessibility: the multimedia guides Design for All - Veasyt Tour ". Speaker will be the President of Veasyt Ltd., who will talk about Henry Capiozzo App for smartphones, a true multimedia guide useful to visit the monuments like the Venetian villas.
Will conclude the afternoon, at 18, the show's musical group Zumellese Choir, who will present the compositions of contemporary music for youth choir of treble voices. Oversee the master Manolo Da Rold, accompanied on the piano by Maria Canton.

Participation in the meeting is free, prior telephone toll 00 905127 or by e-mail The full program of the festival is available on the website