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Festival Ville Venete, the show closes Saturday, September 21 with a musical Villa Badoer

The last event of the Festival will be held at Villa Badoer in Fratta Polesine (Rovigo), and will be dedicated to music and entertainment.
Saturday evening will be introduced to 20 with a welcome from the authorities: Tiziana Michela Virgili, mayor of Polesine, Giuliana Fontanella dell'IRVV president, Julius Bellemo, president of the Venetian Villas and Castles, and Bruno Nichetti, councilor of Ville Venetian. Followed by the musical "Italian Fantasies", produced by the theater company Lumiere of Rovigo, but composed of young artists, amateur and professionals from different areas of Italy. Their show is a production designed by Fabrizio 'Fred' Buccini, a talented man of the theater and cabaret.

The event is admission free, prior telephone toll 800 905127 o all'indirizzo e-mail
The full program of the festival is available on the website