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On 4th July opens the showroom Ex ante, the exposition that gives the title to the whole cultural show of galleries and meetings concerned by Benedetta Marangoni and realized by House of Artists of Milan.

This new exposition is a continuation of its first two initial parts: Stratigraphy, launched on the 2nd may at the Chapel of Villa Venier Contarini, and Mira, opened by  the 6th June.

At the end of this path, a recap of the atecedent experiences is proposed through the works of all the artists that took part in it: Nicole Bacchiega, Diego Morandini, Gianluca Zonca for Stratigrapy and Claudio Citterio, Giuseppe De Siati, Domenico Laterza for Mira.

The launch starts at 16.00 with a debate-conference and terms at 19.30.

The closure is stablished for  the 19th september witha a closing conference.

House of Artists of Milan is a task born and developed since 1978 - and arrives to this event - thanks to the work of Luciano Fabro and Jole de Sanna, who decided to reopen the spaces of an historic build in Corso garibaldi in Milan, with the objective to create a space in which the artists would be allowed to breed themselves through art.

Many artists builded themselves in the context of House of Artists, during the years. Someone took part on it just for short periods, leaving the path of research chosen by the common.

The artist who take part of House of Artists today don't have available the historic headquarter anymore. This situation underlined the fact that this group doesn't recognize itself with a physic place, but with a dialogue context, of self-building and comparison.

All of this is broadcoast to the following generations, as the actual situation shows, and it generates a dialogue among artists with different experiences an attitudes, but that are sharing the same way to view the art.