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Castelli & Ville in Musica 2015 - "And the sound was..."

The “Castelli e Ville in Musica 2015, attraverso la Pedemontana Veneta”  project, at its fifth edition, proposes again the activities that always distinguished it: concerts, open rehearsals, advanced courses for youngsters, drama, music dedicated to children and families, workshops for schools.
All of this activities are proposed into historical Villas of our amazing Venetian territory, promoting their knowing.

Trying to put in contact young and old people to the classical and baroque music world, we educate to recognise the Beauty and to listen to it by its sounds, and to admire it through the architectures, through the environment, broadcasting curiosity and will to explore in the territory, to discover and meet again the interior wellness, to meet again our history.

The theme of this year is "And the sound was...". It was the Everything, the origin of emotions and human perceptions, but also of our dreams, maybe.

So here's a series of activities of high-level musical education for young musicians, with the collaboration of renown Masters: Anna Fusek and the friends of the "Ensemble Barocca di Venezia"; Stefano Montanari and the Estravagante, Massimo Somenzi and Stefano Zanchetta, Carlo Lazari and Paola Carraro.

During the whole festival, many listening-education workshops will take place, with musical shows specially prepared in primary, elementary and middle schools of the territory.

The festival will occur from the 13th September to 25th October at Castello di Thiene, Villa Giusti Suman, Chiesa di S. Clemente, Villa Capra Bassani, Villa Ca’ Dotta, Villa Tretti Brazzale, Villa Rossi, Villa da Ponte of which we will propose guided tours, in respective Municipalities: Thiene, Zugliano, Sarcedo, Campodoro (PD), Santorso, Cadoneghe (PD).

The project is realized with the precious support of many festival Friends passionate of art and music, with the patronage of many public authorities and private companies, with the help of sponsor like  Brazzale s.p.a, Banca San Giorgio-Quinto-Valle Agno e Fondazione CariVerona, with the support of members' families of the Association Ludus Musicae and the collaboration Villas owners that opened their doors to the festival initiatives.

At this link you can find the entire programme (ITA)